Why Wittenberg Academy?

"But where the Holy Scriptures are not the rule, I advise no one to send his child. Everything must perish where God's Word is not studied unceasingly..." Martin Luther (Address To The Christian Nobility of the German Nation, 1520) ... [continue reading]
Classical Lutheran Education
Through catechesis, teachers and students learn who they are—forgiven sinners—and how to live in the faith of their baptism as they love and serve their neighbor.

Why Online?

"Docendi sunt christiani." While an education is valuable in and of itself, there are certain benefits to online learning that are worth noting. The goal of a classical Lutheran education is, in so few words, to educate children for life in this world and the next: catechesis to stay alive, liberal arts to be of some earthly good. The Liberal Arts plus catechesis for the benefit of Church and Society. In Luther's day, the printing press aided the Reformers in... [continue reading]





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