Wittenberg Academy Family Retreat

The Wittenberg Academy Family Retreat is an excellent opportunity to meet with like-minded neighbors for learning, fellowship, and worship.

Martin Luther had much to say about education. A glance through Luther on Education reveals his passion for education and his action on that passion. Luther had many reasons for being so passionate about education. He looked around and saw how lack of education was enslaving the common people and how the current system of education was providing little benefit to those partaking. Reading through Luther’s writings on education reminds me that many things have not changed. There is still a battle being waged for the hearts and minds of our children and our duty as parents is still to teach and educate our children that they may serve God and their neighbors.”

-Excerpt from Where God’s Word is Studied Unceasingly, the first article of the First Edition of the Ninety-Sixth Thesis, January 2012

The Wittenberg Hour explores big questions and discusses that which endures, by means of that which has endured, so that scholars may endure.

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Wittenberg Academy has many clubs for scholars to join throughout their time studying with us. Not only do we strive to foster community for our scholars through these various clubs, we are also in the process of developing a Book Club for adults that would like to take part!