Easter 2020

Read the Easter 2020 Edition of the Ninety-Sixth Thesis here!
In This Edition:
  • Catechesis
  • What is Ideal Humanity?
  • The Art of Mathematics
  • Why America Needs Classically Educated Confessional Lutherans
  • Teaching Logic I: What is Logic and Why Do We Teach It?

Catechesis begins in the home. The hymns sung, the Catechism recited, the Scripture read, the Sacrament of the Altar received, the faith confessed, the Absolution received, and the Conversation and Consolation had by the brethren are the Catechetical life, yet they also catechize life: life before birth, life before reading, life before natural death. The Catechist is still a Catechumen and the Catechumen catechizes even as he learns because the Word being told to the coming generation is efficacious.

~From the article Catechesis