Christmas 2020

Read the Christmas 2020 Edition of the Ninety-Sixth Thesis here!
In this Edition:
  • Avoiding the Feminist Trap: Being a Woman in a World Where Women Want to be Men
  • How Young Women Can Serve the Church
  • Books Every Girl Should Read Before the Age of 21
  • Raising Your Daughter’s To Be Ladies: A Father’s Role in His Daughter’s Upbringing
  • Raising Your Daughter’s To Be Ladies: A Mother’s Role in Her Daughter’s Upbringing
  • A Woman’s Role in Holy Matrimony

Here, through the daily life of the household, Christians live out their petition ‘Thy will be done,’ and the good and gracious will of God is done on earth as it is in heaven. In this ordinary place and way, wife, husband, and children alike are strengthened and kept firm in the Word and faith, woven together as the bride of Christ, to whom they humbly submit.

~From the article A Woman’s Role in Marriage