Mr. Nicholai Stuckwisch


Mr. Stuckwisch has lived in South Bend, Indiana and has been a member of Emmaus Lutheran Church of South Bend, Indiana his whole life! Nicholai was homeschooled through high school before attending Indiana University South Bend for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a Major in Accounting as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. Following the completion of his MBA he went on and got his CPA license through the state of Indiana. Nicholai is currently employed as a member of Crowe, LLP’s Federal Tax team where he works primarily on the preparation of tax returns for businesses. His father, D Richard Stuckwisch, is a pastor at Emmaus. Rev. Stuckwisch attended Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN before moving with Nicholai’s family to South Bend to work on a Doctorate degree through Notre Dame University the same year Nicholai was born. Nicholai’s mother, LaRena Stuckwisch, homeschooled him growing up and continues to homeschool his younger siblings still living at home. He was the third of ten siblings, so he has spent his whole life around children. In 2016, Nicholai married Hannah Mumme of Waterville, MN who now cares for their two amazing daughters, Guinevere (born 2017) and Philippa (born 2019), as a stay at home mom. They are now expecting their third child. Nicholai’s interests and hobbies include reading (mainly fantasy), strategy board games, Netflix, and cooking.