Mrs. Erika Mildred

Anatomy & Kinesiology and Faith & Science Teacher

Mrs. Mildred lives in Texas with her husband and two daughters. She receives Christ’s gifts at Faith Lutheran Church in Plano. In 1999, Erika earned her B.A. in Secondary Education – English and Communications, along with her Lutheran Teachers Diploma, from Concordia University, Chicago, IL. In 2017, Mrs. Mildred completed the requirements to obtain her Classical Lutheran Educator Certification through the CCLE, and in 2021, she earned her M.Ed. in Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington. Over the years, she has been privileged to work with children of all ages as a classroom teacher, a high school girls’ varsity basketball coach, a personal and group tutor, an online educator, a day school principal, and a home school mom of two girls. She currently teaches for both Faith Lutheran School in Plano, TX, and for Wittenberg Academy. Mrs. Mildred has been involved with the CCLE since 1999, serving as a board member and treasurer from 2013 – 2019. Her favorite parts of teaching are those “aha moments,” when a concept clicks or a connection is made. She states, “Building confidence and a love for learning in students are gifts to them that last a lifetime; it is a privilege from God to impart those things to His children.”